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Love Our Schools Day

Participate in Love Our Schools Day at your local neighborhood school. Churches and community organizations will execute a simple act of service and offer prayer (optional) to school staff and administration. Register your location.

Friday May 27, 2022
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
All Across Chicago
Chicago Public Schools, 42 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602, USA Get Directions
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This event has ended.

Participate in Love Our Schools Day at your local neighborhood school. Churches and community organizations will do two things:

  1. Serve a meal, or conduct a different simple act of service, for staff and administration
  2. Offer prayer for staff and administration (if the school allows)

Love Our Schools Day helps to start or deepen relationships with schools. Follow the school's lead if they want this to take place on a different date. 


  1. What is the purpose of Love Our Schools Day? We would love to see every school in Chicago adopted by a local church(es). Some churches have long lasting relationships with their local school. Others have desired to, but haven't known where to begin. Love Your School Day is the beginning line, not the finish line. We would hope that this would spur greater engagement with the faith community in bringing needed resources to our community through the local school. 
  2. Who provides the food? The church will be expected to pay for the food, communicate details with the school, assure timely delivery of the food, etc. If you tell the school that lunch will be provided at 11am and the food doesn't show up until 11:30, this will be an unforgivable sin (joking, but not really). 
  3. What meal should we provide? Breakfast or lunch. Ask preference of principal. But make sure the meal is a quality meal. Consider various dietary restrictions as well. Ask the principal if they have a caterer/ restaurant that they recommend. 
  4. What about COVID protocols? Definitely need to run by the principal for best practices regarding how many people from your church can participate and how to serve the food. But boxed food might be ideal. 
  5. What else should we do other than provide food? Volunteer to be available during the meal to pray for staff that would desire it. Or possibly even offer yourself as a chaplain to be available to talk to staff whenever needed. Have a sit down with the principal to find out needs they have that you might be able to serve as a church. 
  6. How do we connect with our local school? Call or stop in. Ask to speak to the principal or vice principal. Share what you hope to do in providing a meal for the school staff. Free food is rarely turned down. Let me know if you need help building a relationship with your local school. 
  7. What if we can't do Friday, May 27th? Friday, May 27th is the last day of school before Memorial Day Weekend, but the exact day isn't most important. That day may not be best for your church or the school. The main thing is to love your school in the name of Jesus for the long term. The principal may have a better day than the last day of school. Be flexible and serve how the principal determines is best. In everything, let's bend to the wishes of the school and not the other way around. 

Love Our Schools Day

Hosted By Together Chicago

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